Successful Campaign Fundraiser

September 7th, 2017 – What an overwhelmingly successful night we had last night! I could not be more grateful for the support shown by everyone who attended the Lauren Staley-Ferry for Will County Clerk Campaign Kickoff Fundraiser. I think back to January 2014, when we held our first fundraiser for my County Board Campaign. We had a small room filled with family and our closest friends. That event will always be remembered as the place it all began. Having said that, last night we filled a much larger room, with a line out the door! In addition to friends and family, I’m humbled by the support of so many local labor and community leaders. Three years ago many of these folks did not know me. Their support is a true testament to the rewards of hard work and being a dedicated member of the Will County Board. While I know that my professional skills and experience are an exact fit for the next Will County Clerk, it is truly special to have my beliefs validated by the support of so many highly respected members of the community! Thank you again to Union Labor, the many union members in attendance, as well as those who offered their support and donations in advance. Thank you all!