Part III: Staley-Ferry Rolls Out Ambitious Plan For Clerk’s Office

On Thursday September 13, at a neighborhood forum, Will County Clerk Candidate Lauren Staley-Ferry began laying out a broad and ambitious plan for the office ranging from streamlining day-to-day services to maximizing turnout for eligible voters and increasing election security. This article is among a multi-part series in which Lauren lays out her goals for the Clerk’s office.

Streamlining Processes

With a diverse private-sector background, Staley-Ferry knows how to eliminate waste and make processes more efficient. She plans to do just that as County Clerk.

“As a newcomer, I will bring a fresh perspective to running the Clerk’s office that has literally been handed down from one clerk to a hand-picked successor of the same political party for 80 years,” Staley-Ferry said. “In some cases, the way things have always been done might be best. But to adopt that philosophy across the board can cause stagnation and waste.”

This means Staley-Ferry is prepared to examine every line item in the office’s nearly $5 million budget to eliminate unnecessary expenses and redirect funding to where it best serves taxpayers.

“It is important to note that the County Clerk’s staff has done a tremendous job over the years implementing policies and procedures they have been handed,” Staley-Ferry said. “These talented and experienced employees, however, will have excellent ideas on ways to improve efficiencies and the delivery of services. I will seek out their input and implement these new procedures in partnership with my staff.”

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Part IV: Staley-Ferry Rolls Out Ambitious Plan For Clerk’s Office