Part IV: Staley-Ferry Rolls Out Ambitious Plan For Clerk’s Office

On Thursday September 13, at a neighborhood forum, Will County Clerk Candidate Lauren Staley-Ferry began laying out a broad and ambitious plan for the office ranging from streamlining day-to-day services to maximizing turnout for eligible voters and increasing election security. This article is among a multi-part series in which Lauren lays out her goals for the Clerk’s office.

Employee Specialization

Staley-Ferry also plans to use her private sector experience to implement a program to cross-train employees so the Clerk’s Office will always be best positioned to serve the public.

“In the private sector, I initiated a program called “Job Share” that involved the cross training of more than 100 coworkers. The benefits were many,” she said. “We successfully prepared employees to cover for fellow workers in situations involving illnesses, extended leaves and vacations. We also found that our staff was revitalized and invigorated by these new responsibilities.”

Staley-Ferry has ideas for a similar program within the Clerk’s Office to identify employees who are content in their current roles, those who want to take on greater challenges, and those who might be seeking new roles.

“If our team is motivated and happy, we will provide better service to the public.”

To learn more about Staley-Ferry’s goals for the Will County Clerk’s office visit:

Lauren Staley-Ferry Rolls Out Ambitious Plan For Clerk’s Office