Lauren Staley-Ferry Rolls Out Ambitious Plan For Clerk’s Office

On Thursday September 13, at a neighborhood forum, Will County Clerk Candidate Lauren Staley-Ferry began laying out a broad and ambitious plan for the office ranging from streamlining day-to-day services to maximizing turnout for eligible voters and increasing election security. This article is among a multi-part series in which Lauren lays out her goals for the Clerk’s office.


Staley-Ferry has a plan to collaborate with cyber security professionals, the Will County State’s Attorney’s Office and fellow elected officials to ensure Will County’s systems are secure and that every vote is accurately counted and recorded.

“The sanctity of our elections is a bedrock of American democracy and we have to take that seriously at the local level. We are the first line of defense,” Staley-Ferry said. “We have to get the greatest amount of people registered but we also have to give those voters confidence their vote will be counted without interference if we want our democracy to continue to thrive.”

Staley-Ferry’s diverse list of experiences – including work implementing security systems in the banking industry – make her the most qualified for the job of such monumental importance.

“My work in the banking industry has given me expert understanding of how to implement security systems to protect information provided by citizens, but there is no room to rest on prior successes,” Staley-Ferry said. “Now more than ever we need a proactive County Clerk because not a day goes by without hackers trying to infiltrate systems of all shapes and sizes for nefarious purposes.”

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