Part II: Staley-Ferry Rolls Out Ambitious Plan for Clerk’s Office

On Thursday September 13, at a neighborhood forum, Will County Clerk Candidate Lauren Staley-Ferry began laying out a broad and ambitious plan for the office ranging from streamlining day-to-day services to maximizing turnout for eligible voters and increasing election security. This article is among a multi-part series in which Lauren lays out her goals for the Clerk’s office.

Voter Turnout

Staley-Ferry understands the importance of voter turnout in our democracy and plans to expand polling places and early voting hours to increase accessibility and convenience for voters with busy schedules.

“Hectic schedules can make Election Day voting difficult. That is why we must add polling places, particularly in Eastern Will County where many people have complaints about a lack of access to the ballot box,” Staley-Ferry said. ”Early voting should enhance accessibility.”

She also will seek feedback from constituents for increasing turnout in every election.

“I will work vigorously under the law to make it convenient to vote, no matter where you live in Will County,” Staley-Ferry said. “We will also focus on engaging new voters. I will establish an outreach program that works with high schools and universities to encourage voter participation by young people.”

Staley-Ferry said civics lessons at a young age are now more important than ever and she plans to focus on voter education efforts.


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