Staley-Ferry outlines Capital update to Labor

I was pleased to be invited to update labor on our progress in Will County.  As you can see by the report listed below, these are very exciting times.  I look forward to updating you again in the near future.

Public Safety Complex

1)           Projected substantial completion date moved up to November 13th.

2)           Sheriff is expected to be fully moved in and operational December 15th.

3)           Abatement on the first Midwest Building will begin on December 15th when our Employees are fully vacated.

4)           Demo of the First Midwest building is expected around Mid February.

5)           On the exterior we are currently working on the Impound lot, Asphalt binder course and pond grading.

6)           On the interior we are currently working on painting, MEP Trim out, Low Voltage and Communication System install

7)           Tuesday we also authorized the Sign package that will also include the monument signage for the Sheriff’s station.

Swat Building

1)           At our meeting Tuesday, the committee was informed that we hit our budgetary numbers on the Swat building and we authorized the start of the building.  This is a three million dollar extension of Guaranteed Maximum Price that we signed with Leopardo for the Sheriff’s building.  This is big news for local labor.  I am very excited to have been able to vote yes on this in our Capital Committee.

2)           Work will begin on this project on or around October 1st and should finish up about second quarter of 2018.


1)           We have had ongoing conversations with At&t as well as Nicor and Comed on the engineering of the site to accomodate the utilities.  We have made great progress and do not expect any delays.

2)           On or around the first of the year, on site utility work as well as site work will begin on the Courthouse.

3)           Our first bid was awarded in Tuesday’s Capital meeting for the Elevators to Schindler Elevator.

4)           We have another bid package on the street now with more expected to be coming in the next couple months.  The fourth Quarter will certainly be a busy time with regards to scope and bidding.  Very exciting times to see it all coming together.

Animal Control

1)           Today we heard from the animal control department regarding the status of their location.  They have outgrown their current facility and it is completely sub par.  The committee voted unanimously to have Wight update the study to include animal control.

2)           The committee concurred with the recommendation to move forward.  We expect to see a proposal to the committee to review to build them a building in 2018.

3)           This project is unique and can begin right away because Animal Control has a separate income stream and has a line item of over 4 million dollars in cash in the bank for capital project.  So while we hear lots of news about budgets, the State, etc, This is a project that can move without any impact to the budget from the State.

Health Department

1)           Kluber is doing the programming and has completed its work and is in the process of reviewing it internally.  We expect the final program by December 31st of this year.

2)           HR Green is currently evaluating site locations for the future location of the Health Department.  We expect them to pick an appropriate site and have their recommendations by Dec. 31st as well.