Staley-Ferry Leads Line of Will County Candidates

Arriving before 6 AM, Lauren Staley-Ferry was first in line to file petitions to run for Will County Clerk, this morning. At 8:30, Lauren submitted her petition packet containing 2914 signatures of voters from all areas of Will County.

Staley-Ferry said, “I am grateful beyond words to everyone who has contributed to our efforts.” Members of Township Democratic Organizations, Organized Labor, Elected Officials, friends and family all  have given their time to help Lauren Staley-Ferry become the next Will County Clerk. Whether they were walking for signatures, walking in parades, or attending Lauren’s fundraisers, the community of supporters is truly the backbone of this campaign.

Lauren Staley-Ferry also thanked the staff of the Clerk’s office. “This can be a nerve racking process. As candidates, we are very fortunate to have a friendly and knowledgeable staff, in the Will County Clerk’s office, to assist us whenever we have questions.”

The General Primary Election will be held March 20, 2018. Current Will County Clerk Nancy Schultz-Voots is seeking election judges for the upcoming election cycle. More information can be found through the following link: