Riley Draws Amazing Crowd for Lauren Staley-Ferry
State Representative Al Riley hosted a meet and greet event on Saturday to introduce Lauren Staley-Ferry, candidate for Will County Clerk to the people of Eastern Will County. Local Elected officials, Precinct Committeemen, and residents attended this wonderful event. Rep. Riley warmed up the crowd with an amazing speech introducing Lauren, and explaining why he believes in Lauren and why he believes that she is the best choice for “All of Will County” to be the next Will County Clerk.


Lauren then spoke to the group, thanking Representative Riley for his overwhelming support. She spoke about how vital the Eastern side is to Will County’s economy, and about the great representation provided currently by Laurie Summers on the county board and previously by Bob Howard. She also provided details of her professional and political background, and highlighted what her goals would be as Will County Clerk.


“After speaking to the group as a whole, I really enjoyed having the opportunity to speak to the residents individually. I loved having the chance to connect to everyone personally. It was truly an outstanding experience. I can not put into words how grateful I am to Representative Riley for hosting this event,” Staley-Ferry said.