Lauren Staley-Ferry Puts Resident’s Concerns First

A strong work ethic, down-to-Earth personality and an uncommon connection with constituents are all qualities that make Lauren-Staley-Ferry a strong pick to represent voters in the Will County Clerk’s office.
“Voters can be sure I will address their concerns because our concerns are shared,” Staley-Ferry said. “I am a working parent. I am not a polished career politician. My service in local government as a County Board Member began four short years ago. But as a part-time elected official, I have applied all of my experiences as a working parent.”
As a working parent, Staley-Ferry knows how hectic schedules can get, so she plans to increase opportunities for voters to cast their ballots at a time that is convenient to them. Her time on the county board and in the private sector give her a strong understanding of the process improvements that need to be put in place to make this possible.
“In the private sector, my teams were entrusted with the direct management of projects involving data protection and cyber security for literally hundreds of thousands of consumers, clients, and employees,” Staley-Ferry said.  “I am uniquely prepared to deploy these same security strategies to protect the integrity of our elections as the next Will County Clerk.”
Staley-Ferry’s work at a Fortune 500 and National Top 10 institution gives her vital experience, but her engagement with voters sets her apart from other candidates.

Lauren Staley-Ferry Plainfield Homecoming Parade

“I understand the concerns of residents from throughout Will County,” Staley-Ferry said. “I have spent the past four years in local government reaching out, listening, and getting to know the people of Will County. I have visited with residents and made new friends from Naperville to Braidwood and from Channahon to Crete.”
Staley-Ferry’s goal in this outreach effort is to understand constituents’ needs and the important issues in each community.
“As the Will County Clerk, I will continue to be engaged and accessible, and work hard to address the needs of the people,” she said.
The outreach efforts are indicative of Staley-Ferry’s work ethic, and they have helped her best represent her constituents on the Will County Board in the last four years.
“During my term on the County Board we have been successful in lowering tax rates and driving down expenses while implementing major building projects,” she said. “The Will County Board has lowered the tax rate every year while I have served. At the same time, we funded the new Public Safety Complex that houses our Sheriff’s Department and our new state-of-the-art 911 Center.”

New Will County 911 Center Lauren Staley-Ferry

Will County is currently building a new courthouse which is currently tracking $10 million under budget, and Will County’s strong AA+ bond rating has yielded a $30 million premium at last issuance.
At the same time, the Forest Preserve District has paid down bond debt, which will result in a significant tax bill reduction for residents. The district achieved this by reducing operating expenses.
“As County Clerk, I will take a similar approach, examining operations and finding ways to reallocate or reduce spending while improving and enhancing services,” Staley-Ferry said.
To accomplish these goals, Staley-Ferry plans to put the same effort into the job that she has put in several other facets of her life.
“I have a strong work ethic. Any success I have experienced in the private sector or in government was accomplished through hard work and dedicated effort,” she said. “Throughout my career, I worked long hours, applied myself vigorously, learned every new skill possible, sought direction from managers, and dedicated myself to professional and personal improvement.  My background demonstrates that I am prepared to confront professional challenges and to work tirelessly to provide the best services to our constituents.”

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