Lauren Staley-Ferry’s Professional Career

Lauren Staley-Ferry is a corporate trained process improvement and project management professional with 11 years of Fortune 500 experience in a national top 10 bank. In 2006, Lauren began her career at the then HSBC (purchased by CapitalOne in 2011) in an entry level operations position. She advanced quickly up the corporate ladder by earning a reputation as a top performer in every role along the way. 

Early on she led her VIP team as the point of contact for all escalated requests and issues for the bank’s business partners. She managed a 10 person team and implemented a cross training initiative for 100+ operations associates to acquire new skills and engage with new business areas.

In 2012, Lauren transitioned into a Principal Process Manager position. In this role, Lauren worked with CapitalOne partners to provide support for their credit card programs. She was responsible for completing audits to ensure regulatory compliance and mitigate risk for CapitalOne. Her duties also included a project that successfully rolled out the Card program for new retail outlets around the country. Lauren also held events at store locations to engage new business and increase retention of existing customers. 

In 2015, Lauren moved into third party management. She oversaw control plans, third party management requirements, and owned information assurance assessments. She worked with internal supplier managers to research and negotiate the best terms for CapitalOne partners. Lauren also established relationships with key internal personnel to help resolve business partner issues. 

In December of 2015, Lauren returned to process management. In this assignment she led and collaborated with internal teams for the development of customer acquisitions for CapitalOne retail partners while continue to build the cardholder relationship. Lauren provided thought leadership to colleagues as a respected subject matter expert on multiple processes. She also established a 30 person cross-functional bi-weekly meeting that ensured progress updates and timely resolution of impediments for all ongoing projects. She was the lead intent owner of major process improvement projects. Lauren also designed, produced, and monitored metrics for Tier 3 regulatory complaints, as well as contractural Service Level Agreements. She also managed key technological, digital, and loyalty program advancements. 

In May of 2017, Lauren chose to leave CapitalOne. She decided to pursue other opportunities that would better allow her to serve in her County Board role. The demands of both roles had reached a level that would not allow her to live up to her own personal standards, as a manager or as a public servant. Her resignation was met with a great deal of surprise by her colleagues, but for Lauren choosing service over career was the only choice.